Sydney Harbour -Australia Day 2014

Sydney Harbour – Australia Day 2014
We had booked our tickets weeks ahead and were looking forward to a wonderful day photographing the events on Sydney Harbour. Usually you can count on blue sky and sparkling water but the day was overcast and soft rain fell as we made our way to the Circular Quay ferry terminal. The outlook was disappointing to say the least. I sat there debating with myself if it was worthwhile even to take my camera out.
After a while I decided to make the best of the weather conditions and challenge myself to see what I could come up with. Somewhere in the back of my mind was an article I had read about cloudy conditions acting like a diffuser to give that special kind of light that enhances photos. Looking around I noticed that the end of the terminal made a good frame for the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the couple seated at the end added a point of interest. Cutting out most of the uninteresting sky was a plus. Game On!

I had seen the different type of image that could be gained by using the conditions to create those photos with a difference. The day opened up with a host of new possibilities. We had booked for two cruises, one for the Classic Ferry Race and one for The Tall Ships Race. The Classic Ferries came first.
Our Ferry captain demonstrated his experience on the water by placing us in exactly the right place at the right time to get a bird’s eye view of the events taking place.
Australia Day 2014 Classic Ferry Race Sydney Harbour
Start Classic Ferry Race 2014
We followed the ferries around the harbor as they ‘raced’. The grey clouds now seemed to add to the atmospheric photos.
Alassic Ferry Race Sydney Harbour Australia Day
The grey clouds provided a contrast to the brightly coloured ferries. Even though there had been a couple of showers I was really starting to enjoy myself . The images I was capturing were vastly different to the ones I had visualized.
With the movement of the ferry I was on I had to make sure my shutter speed was fast enough to freeze any movement, otherwise my photos would have been fuzzy.Spectator craft Classic ferry race Australia day 2014

I am always inspired when I see the Tall Ships under sail. It brings to mind what a feat it was for these vessels to travel across oceans and around the world. It must have taken extreme courage without the navigation equipment we have today exploring the unknown.

The navigation on the harbour was top class. With so many craft taking part everyone had to know what they were doing.
Sydney Harbour Australia Day 2014
The fire tug spraying water gave great atmosphere. The water provided a veil to soften the lines of the Opera House as the NRMA ferry raced for the finish line. The bright yellow stands out against the background.

NRMA Ferry Australia Day 2014

The grace and elegance of the Tall Ships under sail is demonstrated at the end of The Tall ships race.
The photo results from the day demonstrate that good photos are possible no matter what th weather is doing. It all depends on your attitude to the day.TALL SHIPS RACE

Remember always keep taking photos no matter what the conditions. The photos you capture will surprise you.
Happy Photographing

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