Photograph Australia – Sydney By Night

Twilight to dusk to evening is a wonderful time to photograph Sydney.The evening colour of the sky and the city lights reflected in the harbour waters make a perfect backdrop for the unique buildings and bridges.With modern cameras and the ability to increase the ISO settings it is easier to hand hold your camera.
Just before you press the shutter and while you are pressing the shutter, hold your breath. This helps stop the camera moving while you are taking the photo and there is less chance of your photo being blurred.
Looking back at Circular Quay

Circular Quay is a good place to start.Walking around the harbour side you move from different to viewpoints that allow different compositions, The special railings around the harbour can be used as a feature or your camera can be pointed through the railings giving an entirely different look for the same scene.
Captain Cook Cruise Ferry
Captain Cook Ferry

The Sydney Opera House can be photographed from many different vantage points. Just walking around the perimeter of the harbour gives countless different perspectives. Also for certain festivals the sails of the Opera House are treated as a canvas for spectacular light displays. Australia day and the Sydney Vivid Light Festival are just two of these festivals.

Sydney Vivid Light Festival

Sydney Opera House at night
Sydney Opera House Australia day 2014.

It’s important not to limit yourself just to the city side of the harbour because there are photo opportunities from many different places. If you catch the ferry across to Luna Park you can photograph there and then look back across the harbour to get a different perspective.
Luna Park Sydney
The entrance to Luna Park Sydney

Sydney Harbour twilight
Sydney Harbour from the northern side.

All things taken into account a photographic excursion around Sydney Harbour at night can deliver great photographic opportunities.

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