Photograph Australia – Karijini National Park – Hamersley Gorge

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Hamersley Gorge Karijini WA Australia

Karijini National Park is a photographers’ paradise. Waterfalls flowing over multi-coloured rocks that have been put down at the beginning of time give the photographer unique photo opportunities. There are often spectacular colours in the cloud formations found in the sunrises and sunsets. The colours found in the rocks are vibrant and seem surreal so that when you show your photos people often ask “Is it really like that?”
Wildflowers found nowhere else in Australia are abundant in Spring and the bird life is plentiful. All in all Karijini is one of those ‘must see’ places to put on your photographing list.
Tucked away in Karijini National Park is Hamersley Gorge. It’s timeless beauty is a challenge to photograph because of the strong light and strong contrast. This gives deep shadows and blown out skies unless you choose your time wisely. If you have a tripod pre-dawn and after sunset are good times to capture those unique images. Remember though you need to be out of the George before sunset because it is dangerous to climb out in the dark. So photographing from the top is the best idea after sun set.
The first layers of rock in Hamersley Gorge were formed before there were bacteria on earth and bacteria were on of the first life forms on earth. This gives an idea of just how old and special this area is. Add to that the different colours of the rock layers and the fact that at times there have been forces applied to cause the rock layers to swirl and you can see the unlimited photographic possibilities.
There are several areas to Hamersley Gorge. At the top is Spa Pool. There is a hole in the rock allowing water to cascade down through it. This gives a wonderful ‘spa treatment’ to anyone sitting underneath it.
The middle section is where the water flows down over the rocks to the lower section of the gorge. The flow of the water depends on what time of year it is and how much rain has fallen. At times there is a raging torrent and at other times a gentle flow.
Hamersley Gorge Karijini WA Australia
The floor of the gorge spreads out into pool of water that is possible to swim down to explore even further. Often people take small inflatables and small surf boards down to float down the gorge on. Remember though what you take into the gorge you have to carry back out.
The depth of the water and the position of the rocks under the water change from season to season so it is dangerous to climb up the rock-face and jump in. Help is at least 1-2 hours away at best and then you have to be carried out on a stretcher as the gorges are too narrow to allow a helicopter to lift you out. All it takes to be safe is common sense and a little care.
It is always advisable to check on the conditions at the gorge as they can be unpredictable at times. I strongly recommend a phone call to the Tom Price Tourist Information Centre to make sure the conditions are right for you to have an enjoyable visit.
Happy Photographing.
Elaine Argaet

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